Thursday, May 29, 2008

आँख से आँख मिला

आँख से आँख मिला बात बनता क्यूं है,

तू अगर मुझसे खफा है तो छुपता क्यूं है।

गैर लगता है न अपनों की तरह मिलता है,

तू ज़माने की तरह मुझको सताता क्यूं हैं।

वक्त के साथ हालात बदल जाते हैं,

ये हकीक़त है मगर मुझको सुनाता क्यूं है।

एक मुद्दत से जहाँ काफिले गुज़रे ही नही,

ऐसी राहों पे चरागों को जलाता क्यूं है।

(सईद राही )

Saturday, May 10, 2008

yet another thought.

though i am quite busy now a days, yet i took out the time to go through some of the inspirational thoughts. i found this to be very thought provoking-

"life is truly known only to those, who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."

it forced me to think and realise that what all i have gained today is all because of what i have gone through. due to those tough days i have become more strong. thank you god for giving me the courage to face those days and helping me to become a better person.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

starting again

in the afternoon i was going through some motivational thoughts when i came across this one-

"though you cannot go back and start again,
you can start from now and make a brand new end."

and than across this-

"things happen for a reason. if you have a bad day and you dont think that you can get through, always remember that no matter how bad something may seem, there is a reason why they happen. there is a plan for everyone on this earth, if it means learning from your mistake and passing it on so that someone else doesnt go through it. could mean that we were strong enough to go through something bad when someone else may be too weak to go through and we teach them from our experience, in the process we become a better person and learn from our mistakes."

really nice thoughts. so thought of posting them. as now exam dates are out, i m a little worried. i could not study anything for this whole semester. first there was preparations for campus recruitment and then my migraine problem. but now i will work hard. i have to beat my own previous record as a topper. though i am worried yet a bit happy as i have again got a goal to achieve and keep my mind busy. therefore i will not get any free time to think about stupid things . i think i always would be in need to do something to keep away from thinking. god help me.