Thursday, March 12, 2009

ANSWERED PRAYERS......................

i read this book written by danielle steel last week. after i completed reading it i knew that i have to write something about it. i cant let the emotions evoked by it to pass by like that. so here i m writting what i have learned by reading this book.

the story begins with the introduction of faith madison, slim, blonde and a sophisticated new yorker. she is married to alex madison for 25 years and is mother of two girls eloise and zoe. on tne sudden death of her step father faith gets a chance to meet her long lost neighbour of childhood brad, who also was the best friend of her brother, jack.

faith who was heartbroken after her brothers death and still was carrying on with her life discovers a firm emotional support in the friendship of brad patterson.determined to fulfill the long held desire of a career of her own, faith applies to law school against the wish of her husband. alex is a man who is so self centered and likes to control others life. faith's decision to reenter the law school ignites a barrage of anger and recrimination. brad who is a lawyer in california, helps his friend fred(he and jack used to call faith that) to get hold of her dreams. he himself finds out the courage to take a decision which he should have took before many years.

the thing that kept me bonded with this book for whole three days was the thought that our upbringing affets all of our decisions in our future. faith and brad both had suffered from the trauma of wathching their parents marriage fall apart. thus both chose life partners who somehow resembled their parents. again both of them were never able to gather the courage to give up a marriage which was least successful because of the fear of putting their own children in the same condition.

this book again laid down the thought that people often dread changes. a person is more willing to carry on with an empty relationship then try to break the chains and step into a new world full of new challenges. its also true that we always need a firm support from someone before taking big decisions. all the changes that faith was able to undergo in the book were because of love and support of brad and zoe. zoe, her younger daughter was a sole supporter of her mum before brad enters faiths life. the relationship between faith and zoe is more that of friends than mother and daughter. eloise who is more like her father blames her mother for all the ups and downs occuring in their lives and finally comes to realize her mistake. faith and brad in the end are able to overcome all the hurdles whether social or emotional and finally they get together.

one of my own beliefs got stronger by reading this book that the reason for breaking up a relation is not the formation of a new relation but some flaws in the original one.

this book helps you to have courage and believe that prayers are answered. brad was an answer to faith's prayers and so was she to his. prayers that are true. prayers that aren't selfish and prayers that contains an elemant of faith are always answered.