Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dagny Taggart.

What is it about dagny that resembels me. Or there is something in me that resembles dagny. this question used to resonate in mind since the time I had first read 'Atlas Shrugged'. I found the answer to this question in another book of Ayn Rand called 'We the Living'. Kira says to anderi in certain context that although she doesn't believe in souls, but if they were to posses any they would find out that the root of their souls is same.
Now I can understand the conversation between dagny and cherryl in 'Atlas Shrugged', when dagny asks cherryl to hold on to the feeling which tells her that her life is to be regarded above everything else. This feeling is correct. and no one the wold has the right to deny it.
I can't compromise. not when for my whole life i have held on to the thought that this one decision of my life is going to be the proof of what i am. what i have stood for. what i believe in. as if it is my only reverence. I cannot compromise in that. even thinking about a compromise makes me feel sick. I cant give up. I won't give up.